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Elval, the aluminum rolling division of ElvalHalcor, assigns to KONECRANES HELLAS the supply of three cranes.

Recently, ElvalHalcor (ELVALHALCOR S.A.) and Konecranes Hellas SA signed an agreement for the supply of three cranes for Elval’s facilities, aluminum rolling division of ElvalHalcor in Oinofyta.

ElvalHalcor's agreement with Konecranes followed the successful business partnership over the past six years and includes the supply, installation and erection of three cranes (170, 120 and 80 tons). Their equipment will have a sway control system, while innovative technologies of smart features will be added. As a result, the use of this equipment will not only be user-friendly, but it will also contribute to the safe conduct of the unit's production process.

For ElvalHalcor, corporate responsibility is an integral part of its business practices and its corporate culture. The Company is working in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development, while ensuring health and safety of its people and associates, is an unquestionable priority. Within the framework of ElvalHalcor's commitment to health and safety at work, its current cooperation with Konecranes Hellas for the supply of the three cranes is also included.

About ElvalHalcor:
ElvalHalcor is a leading global industrial producer manufacturer of aluminum and copper. ElvalHalcor was formed in December 2017, via the merger of Elval, one of the largest aluminum rolling industries in Europe and Halcor, the largest producer of copper tubes in Europe. The Company is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

ElvalHalcor has over 80 years of experience and know-how, a strong production base with 12 industrial units, market presence in more than 100 countries and highly experienced and specialized personnel.

ElvalHalcor is a reference point in the non-ferrous metal industry and has the ability to effectively meet the challenges of a continuous changing environment, creating added value for its stakeholders and following a development path based on the principles of Sustainable Development.
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Konecranes as a leading manufacturer of lifting systems and cranes in global marketplace, offers its products and services in all sectors of industry (production and processing plants, waste management units, shipyards, ports, terminals, etc.). With worldwide sales of 3,167 billion. euro in 2017 and a representative presence at the same time, in 600 locations in 50 countries and 17,000 employees, has the ability to satisfy immediately with security and know-how any relevant customer need. Konecranes is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki high-tech stock market (symbol: KCR1V).
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